Terms and Conditions

Actif Age, Lda, a company limited by shares registered in Portuguese territory, with tax identification number 516334581, headquartered at Largo do Infante Santo, Antiga Escola Prática de Cavalaria, 2400-246 Santarém, hereinafter referred to as “we”, “Actif” or “the company”, is dedicated to providing physical and cognitive stimulation solutions for the elderly, as well as tools for professionals and caregivers. The company markets group solutions for homes, residences and elderly centres, and also individual solutions for the elderly who are in the community.

The Right to Change the Terms of the Agreement

Our products, services and solutions are constantly developing, and as such, the terms of the agreements for them are also constantly evolving. Actif reserves the right to change the products and their respective conditions according to their evolution.

Guidelines for Our Products, Services, and Solutions

As Actif cannot make a rigorous and reliable assessment of the physical and cognitive state and condition of its service users, it is up to users to take the necessary measures to ensure that its products and solutions are used in a way that reaps their benefits while mitigating the risks involved. For this reason, we recommend advice from qualified health professionals and, where appropriate, medical advice, to assess the suitability of our solutions for each elderly person and to safeguard potential risks arising from sessions based on each individual's physical and cognitive condition. Additionally:

  • To homes, residences and elderly centres: It is important to ensure support staff to prevent or resolve unforeseen situations that may occur.
  • To individual elderly people at home: It is important to assess your limitations and take appropriate measures. The choice between standing and seated exercises should be advised by health professionals, including your doctor. For standing exercises, you should have enough space without obstacles that increase the risk of falling, but if necessary, have solid support at hand to help with balance. We also recommend that you have someone nearby to turn to in case of difficulties.

The exercises and activities promoted by Actif are designed in an informed manner and, in terms of safety, conservatively. We advise against exerting beyond the basic capacities of each user and recommend that activities be performed progressively, consciously, and not be pushed abusively that jeopardizes the well-being, health or safety of the users.

Intellectual Property

Actif owns its image rights, as well as its solutions, in the terms in which they were conceived.

Current Legislation and Regulation

These Terms of Use will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law. These terms do not constitute any limitation to the consumer defense rights provided by law.

Disclaimer of Liability

Actif is not responsible for the consequences of inappropriate use of its products, services or solutions. The assumptions for their general recommendation are based on advice and academic and scientific knowledge, but their application to each individual must be advised and managed by health professionals qualified for this purpose. For users without cognitive autonomy, the authorization of their legal guardians is required.