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Ana Monteiro

Activities Coordinator

"I've been exploring with my residents and it's definitely a very useful tool! Intuitive, simple and that allows you to break the routine of our seniors, who like to see new faces enter their house!"


Social Educator

"Excellent work, explores multidisciplinary activities of interest to the elderly population, promotes active aging and helps to delay cognitive, physical/motor losses, favors socialization, increases the self-esteem of institutionalized users or users at home. It allows moments of joy and overcoming difficulties."

Teresa Amorim

Activities Coordinator

"These contents have been very good, they really enjoy doing the activities"

Teresa Marques

Operations Director

"Actif allows bringing a diversity of activities, which would otherwise be very difficult, and allows incorporating customer feedback, allowing a constant adaptation of activities to the needs of each customer."


Communications director

"This platform is also an excellent management tool, allowing you to keep a record of all the activities carried out in the institution."


Technical Director

"This platform helps us in the preparation of activities, reducing time and allowing us to have more quality time for our users."



"Everyday more people join the activities, we've seen a great progress in attendance rates to the activities due to the platform"


Age 72

"Outstanding, a note of 10, what the platform is, what the activities are, what it is as a whole"


Age 64

"I think the dual task is great for the mind, it makes us stimulated"


Age 57

"Interesting, with a future, accessible, useful for everyday use."


Age 79

"I like this more than watching TV and other things"


Age 82

"I found the activity you call dual... extraordinary, simple, concise, it forces you to think... a delight, the best development"


Age 76

"The scrambled letters activities is the one I like more (...) it is one of the things that I have noticed that I am losing"


Age 77

"I loved the fitness activities."