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Actif provides you with amazing activities ready for your guests to enjoy. Save staff time and improve your great service today!

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Why you will love actif

Actif improves the life of your guests while saving time for your staff.

We create science-backed activities tailored to your needs and available at any time for you to use.

Save time

We create the activities for you. We take care of the details while you and your staff focus on the big picture.

Increase engagement

From aerobic sessions to cognitive exercises, our variety of content and its quality will help you keep your guests happy and engaged!

Customize Activities

Does not matter what your guests conditions are. Our variety of activities is studied to fit everyone mental and physical condition!

Monitor progress

Actif allows you to easily register and automatically track the results of the most popular evaluation tests for each one of your guests.

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How can we help you with your guests?

We have content that fits the needs of each of your guests. By offering a variety of customized sessions, you will keep them healthier, happier, and active! Also, us doing the heavy lifting means more time for you and your team to focus on other key activities.

Do you need Actif?

If you are looking to offer better activities to your guests and to optimize the time of your staff, you need to try Actif.

Why us?

You should choose Actif because we worked with trusted professionals to offer you something no one. The quality and variety of our sessions are unmatched and can be watched on any television, phone, or tablet you have available.


Our Methodology

We work with universities and experts in fitness, physiotherapy, geriatrics to offer an inclusive, adaptive, and personalized experience.

We put your well-being first.


Our Content

Our skilled instructors will guide you in many different activities:

Try aerobic sessions, Yoga, riddles, meditation, Tai Chi, stretching sessions, mental games, and much more!

How does it work?

01 Contact us

We will guide you through our process and our platform, and help you identify the best activities for your guests.

02 try it

Try Actif for free, and see yourself the postive impact for your staff and your guests!

03 Subscribe

Select our plan that fits your needs best. We have plent of options to choose from!

04 Enjoy

Get the most out of Actif, thanks to a regular use! Everyday, we help you improve your service.

our specialists

We work with partners and instructors specialists in different modalities with several years of experience...

  • Margarida Pialgata

    Margarida Pialgata


  • João Sequeira

    João Sequeira


  • Toma Palade

    Toma Palade


  • Ana Lúcia Novais

    Ana Lúcia Novais


  • Ericka Federici

    Ericka Federici


  • Patrícia Paquete

    Patrícia Paquete

    CEO Humana-mente

  • Mafalda Mendes de Almeida

    Mafalda Mendes de Almeida

    Mindfulness Expert

  • Fátima Ramalho

    Fátima Ramalho

    Teacher at IP Santarém

  • Flávia Machado

    Flávia Machado

    Researcher at U. Aveiro

  • Carolina Almeida Cruz

    Carolina Almeida Cruz

    CEO C-More

Some of our partners

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