Our team

We are passionate to improve the way everyone ages

  • Sara Gonçalves

    Sara Gonçalves

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Dami Omifare

    Dami Omifare

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Flávia Machado

    Flávia Machado

    Head of Science

  • Mattia Torretti

    Mattia Torretti

    UX/UI designer

  • João Doroana

    João Doroana

    Software Developer

  • Jehad Hossain

    Jehad Hossain

    Software Developer

  • Beatriz Cachulo

    Beatriz Cachulo

    Content Manager

Our target

Improve lives of 1.5 million B2C users worldwide; Help 12 000 institutions worldwide; Increase number of activities of our users to meet OMS recommendations;

Our mission

Improve seniors' everyday life by sharing content and guidance that promotes a more active lifestyle.


February 2021, Portugal



Our Vision

We will be the world reference of senior care and contribute to a world where everyone lives every year of life to its fullest.

Company description

Our senior population lives longer than ever before. But with what quality of life? Nursing home staff is overwhelmed with work to provide the best care to elders, spending several hours preparing powerpoints and presentations for entertaining and stimulating their guests. At Actif, we provide ready-to-use content that has physical and cognitive benefits and is entertaining. In addition, we help institutions plan activities to improve their service to their guests, giving them more time for individual care and exceptional cases. We also provide the same tool for people at home that don't have enough guidance during the ageing process where we recommend and offer activity plans to keep them healthy and actif.

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