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For creating amazing and engaging content in video


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our mission

Improve seniors' everyday life by sharing content and guidance that promotes a more active lifestyle.

our vision

We will be the world reference of senior care and contribute to a world where everyone lives every year of life to its fullest.

our values

Work with a sense of urgency

We strive to create an outstanding service to our customers, a great place to work, and thriving company culture. We do so with a sense of urgency. In the Startup world, we need to act fast every day. The moment we think we made it is when a competitor will start to develop a better product. Our strive for excellence pushes us to make incremental improvements every day. If we are not sure about the path forward, we find the fastest way to test our assumptions.


Most great products were made by removing clutter or unnecessary features. They were simplified until all that remained was indispensable and valuable. We remove complexity, complication, and challenges, whether for our customers or our employees. We make our products easy to use. We make our services customer-friendly, and we make our processes employee-friendly.

You have freedom, and you are responsible for it.

If you are part of Actif, it is because we trust you and your judgment. You will not micro-managed. Everyone has the freedom to come up with ideas and experiment. What we ask in return is to be accountable. We all embrace both wins and failures, and they are shared openly with the team to learn, improve, and do better next time. Mistakes are fuel for innovation, share them with the team, and you will be praised, not reprimanded.

"Mens sana in corpore sano"

Physical and mental health are strictly connected. Keeping care of both can drastically improve everyone's life. We promote physical and psychological well-being both to our customers and to everyone working at Actif.

We are here for big reasons

At Actif, you have the opportunity to make seniors' lives better. You are not allowed to waste it. If you don't feel proud telling people what you are working for, this is not the place for you.